I had a cold white light in the vanity room where I did my makeup before. I always found that I look in a certain way in my vanity mirror and then completely different outside under the natural sunlight. In the beginning, I thought it was the problem of my poor makeup skills, but in the end, I realized that it’s my lighting, which seriously affects my makeup routine. With the wrong lighting, it’s very difficult to make a natural look, thus I want to create a smart mirror that can deliver the perfect lighting to help all the girls and boys to build a natural and flawless look. That’s where Glamirror was born.
Bella Pisa
HI·BELLA Co-Founder
Our Motivation
We are passionate about the potential of technology to make our beauty life better, to make you feel good! Beauty is not just about how you look, but also how you feel. We want you to feel good, be confident and shine your inner beauty. Thus, we created and we’re still inventing smart beauty makeup products with cutting-edge design to help you enjoy your beauty life. Our Glamirror is smart enough to simulate natural sunlight, it is sensor-controlled, super simple to use, customizable, and detachable, ideal for people who travel a lot. Believe it or not, it’s going to change the way how you do your makeup.
Our Team
We are a dedicated team of beauty designers and engineers. Driven by inspiration and innovation, we're striving to create distinctive smart products complying with high-quality standards to change, optimize, and innovate people's beauty lifestyle. We try to reach our full potential and deliver innovative solutions in a stimulating and friendly environment.
Our Promise
We devote ourselves to make high quality product; We promise, at Hibella, all products are originally designed and manufactured.
We also devote ourselves to provide first-class after-sales service. At Hibella, all purchases are warranted, and we hope you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Come and join us. Start your beauty journey with Hibella.