How to Use
Get your Glamirror work with just 4 steps.
Step 1

Fully charge Glamirror for the first use.

Step 2

Press the Power Button for 2 seconds to activate/deactivate the Smart Motion Sensor.

Step 3

The Smart Motion Sensor automatically turns on the Ring Light as your face approaches and turns it off when you’re away.

Step 4

Slide up and down the Touch Control Bar to adjust the light brightness.

Download Glamirror App
Customize your Glamirror and explore more functions.
How to connect Glamirror with your smart phone?
  • > Turn on Bluetooth on your smart phone.
  • >  Open Glamirror app and it will automatically search and connect to your device.
  • >  You can rename the device if it’s necessary.


Please make sure your Glamirror is turned on and it’s within 33 feet (10m) of your phone.

How to adjust the sensing distance on your smart phone?
  • > Tap the top left Setting button, and select Sensing Distance.
  • >  Choose the suitable sensing distance as you like.


Short Sensing Distance: This is to prevent wrongly sensing when you don't want the light on. It is strongly recommended to enable this mode when no one is using Glamirror at night.

Medium Sensing Distance: It’s recommended for daily regular use.

Long Sensing Distance: If you need the light on even from the long distance, please choose this mode. But kindly note under such condition, it will also lead to higher power consumption.

How to adjust the brightness of the Ring Light?
  • > Use the Touch Control Bar to adjust the brightness, by sliding up and down.
  • > Or adjust the brightness through Glamirror App. On the main interface, drag the circular slider bar to modify the brightness from 15% to 100%.
How to customize the lighting of your Glamirror?
  • > Take a photo or upload an image with your preferred light.
  • > Then the App will analyze and simulate the lighting source automatically.
  • > You can rename the customized lighting mode once the Collection process finishes.
  • > Save your customized lighting mode for future use.


The uploaded images are mainly used to collect the light sources of a specific environment. For better analysis of light sources, please do NOT use selfies or close-ups of objects.